DeckDAQ is the first platform that is built around the experience
of 'collecting' and 'trading' branded virtual items

What Has Changed?



  • Friends are connected to each other
  • Brands are connected to their fans
  • Social platforms enable 3rd party apps to use their social graph



  • Enables taking the collection with you, trading & swapping items everywhere
  • The use of touchscreens makes the experience of handling the collection feel 'physical'
  • The installation of apps on mobile is not a barrier anymore

It's a Small World


Fans can connect and share their passion for a brand with other fans from around the world: They can trade, swap, sell and compare collections with no physical / geographical limitation or logistics

We Are a Collectibles Platform

Connect to 3rd party games through our API

Connect to brands' online e-commerce shops

Connect to the 'real' world via QR Codes

Support any digital media technology3D, augmented reality, HTML5

Seamless integration with any web property, facebook, Google+

Managing payments facebook credits & other payment platforms

Low Risk High Reward

Brands working with DeckDAQ are able to add a 'collectibles'
section to their existing online channels, engage their fans
and gain a new monetization stream.

DeckDAQ's platform is integrated into the brand's web properties (i.e. web site, Facebook fan page).
The integration is as simple as inserting a banner.
DeckDAQ uses the brand's own existing creative assets and seamlessly converts them into virtual goods on the platform.
DeckDAQ takes care of all the operational aspects including server maintenance, customer support, payment processing and mobile apps.

Brands + DeckDAQ = Quick Win

Increased engagement

DeckDAQ integrates game mechanics into the brand's environment to boost engagement, loyalty and fun!


The brand is able to introduce a new, unique & innovative form of 'collectibles' game environment to its fans - both online and via mobile platforms - simultaneously.


By using the DeckDAQ platform the brand is able to tap into the virtual goods economy and create a new revenue stream.

About Us

DeckDAQ enables fans to collect and trade Virtual Goods of their favorite brands.

"Our vision is to make collectibles and memorabilia
part of the digital age."

DeckDAQ was founded on Sept 2011 by a small team of passionate and experienced Internet specialists that shared a passion for collecting trading cards since childhood.

We grew up and found ourselves wishing that our children would also enjoy the amazing experience of 'collecting'.

We felt we needed to transform this memorable experience to the digital environments people are used to be on today such as social networks and mobile devices.

But enough about us - let's talk about you. If you represent a brand that fans are passionate about and you are looking for great new ways to engage these fans - you have come to the right place. Drop us a message and be amazed with what we can do together.

For more information please contact us via email:
"Things considered to be worth collecting"
The Free Dictionary